Where is my power 2


One of the tagline words we use is Inspire.  Our thoughts when starting out was to share what had inspired us to make changes in our lives and what their impact had been so as to possibly inspire someone else to make a change or to inform them of a different way of life / being.


Recently I watched a response video of a business coach reacting to another author/coach/thought leader who had made a blunder and then according to this business coach had made a non apology for her blunder.  Boy did that make me want to retreat into my shell and not come out again ever…!  So stepping out into the light, sharing my gifts with the world became a scary place to be again because low and behold if I made a mistake or if I didn’t apologise the way someone thought I should, because I couldn’t see the issue from their perspective, then I too would be “attacked”, named and shamed.  There’s nothing wrong with saying how something affects you and ultimately this lady was able to say what was creating her anger, what she’d been reacting to which I found to be great as it showed a way to process things for her followers, though all the talk before that left me wondering and reacting too.


We are all humans on a journey of self discovery, all at different points of learning along the way and keep refining those learnings too.  This experience reminded me of Don Miguels Four Agreements:

* Be impeccable with your word

* Don’t take anything personally

* Don’t make assumptions

* Always do your best

Then there are two others from his other books which are:

* Don’t judge

* Find forgiveness for yourself and others


For me this lesson was embracing all of those and to be very aware of where I set my power – did I give it to someone who I admired and thought should know better than to say the things they did or could I take what they said into my own channel and contemplate it for myself. Could I use my intuition to decide whether that fitted for me or if it didn’t to discard it.  Did I need to throw the baby out with the bathwater or could I see where that teacher had or still did help me, to choose how I engage with them in the future.  Did I need to say anything.  Did I need to do anything.  Am I going to let it rule my life – in this case stay small and hidden. Could I simply be with what is and work with what it raised in me and heal that in me.  Sometimes the trigger for me is too much and I need help to unpack this, sometimes I can do it on my own.  Life has become more serene and calm though when I can work through it rather than staying stuck in it.


With love