Cultivating peace and letting go …..

come on inner peace

Being mindful for me is stepping away from the noise in my head, being aware of my thoughts, my feelings, my body sensations and my surroundings; and accepting all of these without judgment; allowing the true lessons of my life and the messages I know I am constantly being sent, but not recognizing, to come through. Learning to clear my mind of the chatter that fills it all day, every day, is an oh soooo slow process. But learning to be mindful is helping me so much to improve my overall sense of peace & wellbeing, and to manage the Hashimotos which is exacerbated by stress. It helps me become more consciously aware of myself and live a peaceful, less reactive life in the present moment.


Remembering to be mindful is not something that comes naturally to me and despite me knowing all the benefits it has for me, it is often the first thing that goes out the window at times. Something that was highlighted (again) a couple of weeks ago. I had some very rough weeks where my mood was up and down and all around; a real roller coaster ride. I realised some of it had to do with the full moon and all the changes it, together with movement of other celestial bodies in my chart, were bringing; however I also have come to realise that there were areas of my life in which I was making assumptions and when things didn’t turn out as I had assumed they would, my ego went into overdrive throwing a huge temper tantrum. And oh boy……it wasn’t pretty. :) And I’ve also realised that all the upheaval of this is a big lesson in letting go. My need for control over things in my life is huge, and a well rehearsed pattern. When I let go of control I feel rudderless and flounder about, a feeling I really don’t enjoy.


And then I remembered……. I remembered to be mindful and to watch my thoughts and be impeccable with my word both to others and to myself. And that mindfulness allows me to recognise when I’m making assumptions and to examine them carefully for whether they really represent the truth, or whether I am making them based on incomplete information. By trying to consciously be mindful I can monitor for negative thinking patterns and make efforts to change them. By being mindful I can learn to let go of my tight clutch on my life and trust in the Divine. And the relief the return to mindfulness has brought is immense.


I am grateful for the lesson of letting go, not making assumptions and to be impeccable with my word that I have received (yet again!). And I am even more grateful for the peace and release from anxiety that being mindful has brought back into my life.


Now I just need to learn to remember to be mindful more often….. and to keep trying to let go and go with the flow of the Universe. 😉


With love always,