Lightening the load in homes and offices


Much like our physical bodies can get overloaded with stress so can our environment.  We humans are not always aware nor practising self containment so our thoughts, emotions and patterns can be left behind us in our environments.  Then there are the outside influences over which we have no control.  Geopathic influences and stresses such as underground water, grids, nets, burial sites, etc. can affect us in many ways.  The increase in Electromagnetic influences are another discordant factor in our offices and homes.  The effects of these stresses can result in more arguments, theft, accidents, etc.


Our homes, offices and vehicles reflect what is happening in our lives. Energy needs to flow for it to work effectively and harmoniously. There is a form and way that energy flows.  The idea of Feng Shui is to optimise the space you have to facilitate that flow to bring balance, joy, peace and harmony to your life.


Our homes are meant to be our haven, the place we return to to relax and rejuvenate.  At times though when our thoughts, emotions, relationships, etc. are not optimal, our homes reflect that back to us for us to look at and clear up.  So things like a burst geyser/hot water tank may represent an extreme eruption of emotion (water), perhaps anger we’re not expressing.  A lightning strike is a wake up call – take a look at what was hit and what that represents for you.  Damp issues are related to emotions – what are you not expressing or ignoring.  When our home/office energy is balanced and aligned it can support us to be able to look at and clear what it represents in our lives.


A cluttered space can be the sign of bogged down energy which is not healthy – think of dust collecting in the corner, after a while it gets sticky and attracts more dust, the quicker you clean away the dust the less there is to go through and the easier it is to keep clean.  Consider lightening the load and going through what you have regularly, passing on what you no longer need or use.


There are many ways to cleanse space and items, there is no right way or wrong way. Always follow your inner guidance and work from a place that is for the highest good of everything and everyone.  Keep learning and searching for different ways until you find ones that suit you.  You can download some ideas that have worked for me here.


Remember you can only change yourself and your environment, hand over any issue you have with others to their higher power.


I love working with properties and finding ways to harmonise what is there.  I use a blend of Feng Shui, Life Alignment and Space Harmonising to find what is needing to be cleared at this moment and to shift the frequencies of my own home and the properties of others.   Feel free to ask any questions below or contact me to see how I can help.


With love always,