Letting go…


“Release the need to replay a negative situation over and over again in your mind.”

Phew, I don’t know about you, but this is something I have really, really struggled with – and still do. I can think up all kinds of different outcomes, things I should have, would have, could have said differently, what the other person did to “wrong” me, how I should have behaved differently, and on and on and on, driving myself crazy for sometimes days on end. I have really struggled to overcome the need to hang on to negative stuff, reminding myself over and over just in case I need to recall it all sometime in the future. All the while dragging my vibration lower with the negative emotions and thoughts. But learning and remembering to let go – even briefly! – reminds me that my vibration can, and is, raised. And the positive vibrations I then project prevent the same situation from happening again, by changing the way I interact with others and the way they interact with me.


Letting go is such a powerful way of raising our vibration and ridding ourselves of negative energy. It is essential for us to feel good in order to attract what we want, and we simply cannot get there if we are holding onto anger or wanting to punish others or ourselves. Believing that we need to remember the pain and hold on tightly to the lessons so they won’t happen again only punishes and hurts us, blocking us from what we really want – peace and love – by placing us in a low vibrational state.


Abraham Hicks says “As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” and the Law of Attraction tells us we are responsible for our lives (and the only ones responsible for it) and can manifest change through how we direct our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and feelings fester inside us and make us feel bad, thereby attracting more of the same. By learning to let go and move on, we free ourselves and allow peace and love to flood our lives enabling us to connect with and open up to others.


Letting go – and forgiving when we can – does not condone the behaviour of the wrongdoer. It does not say it is ok for them to have done what they did. Letting go is about giving up your attachment to what happened, acknowledging it and the hurt it caused, and then releasing it and thereby freeing yourself.


Who or what situation do you need to let go of to invite peace, harmony and love (of yourself and others) into your life?


With love always,