Self love through being impeccable with my word


I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. I have in the past set them with good thought or intention, but within a short period of time they go out the window and I’ve come to understand that this is usually because they were based on what other people thought I should be doing, or something I thought I should be doing to fit in or live up to “society’s” standards. And because they aren’t based on something I truly want for myself, they just don’t stick. So nope, once again there are no resolutions for me this year.


I do however see the New Year as an opportunity to recommit to my journey in life and finding me and what my Soul wants to experience. And over the last month or so it has really sunk in that everything in my life starts and ends with ….. well, ME. And in order to feel comfortable with me, I need to really learn to love myself. Ahhhh, and there it is, the self-love which we are told we need to have, but which is just so elusive for me … and many others.


There are many reasons we don’t love ourselves starting with beliefs that we should always love others before ourselves, that loving ourselves makes us narcissists or at best self centered, that there really isn’t anything to love about ourselves (based on other’s comments and thoughts that we are fat, ugly, stupid,… the list is endless) and all the endless ongoing negative chatter about ourselves that our ego loves to give out keeping us small.


But I believe we are all an individuation of our Creator Source. And if I believe that Source is perfection and love, then why do I believe I am anything else? And if I can internalise that belief for myself, then can I start to love myself a little more?


And so to start my year in 2021 I’m choosing to really focus on the first agreement laid out in The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, “Be impeccable with your word”. And use this agreement to focus on me and catching myself when the negative mind chatter starts, turning those thoughts around, getting rid of them and boosting my self love. E.g. I have a belief that I can’t sing because my mother – and others – used to tell me so. But I love to sing and have in the past restricted myself because of this belief. But if I believe I come from divine perfection then it is untrue that I can’t sing. I may not be in tune with everyone else all the time (!) but I can definitely sing! And so I try to catch myself every time I get the thought I can’t sing and replace it with “I may not always be in what society’s accepted view of in tune is, but I can and will sing when I choose to or when the opportunity presents itself”.


Will you join me on a journey of self-love to start your year? Can you make a promise to yourself to catch your negative mind-chatter, choose to be impeccable with your word towards yourself and to give yourself a little more love?


With love always,