What kind are you?


Lately I’ve been referring to myself as a tortoise.  I can really relate to the way a tortoise moves slowly but surely and pulls back inside its shell when it needs to.  This is how I see myself interacting with the world, in particular the business world and moving forward with what I want to build for myself.  Most often for me it’s been about slow baby steps and staying in my shell until I’ve felt safe enough to continue.


We all have Spirit Guides in a variety of forms and depending on your belief system include Angels, Light Beings from different Galaxies, Ascended Masters, Previously incarnated Beings, Soul Tribe members, etc. as well as Animals, Trees, Plants & Flowers, Crystals, etc.  They are here to support us in many ways and on many levels, should we choose to engage with them.  Some may come and go, whilst others are with us for the duration of our time here on Terra.  Sometimes the Animal Guides show up in physical form in our daily life to remind us of something or bring a particular message to us.  Other times they are our Totems, where we often have a fascination with them, collect images or statues of them and keep them around to help us.


There are numerous writers, as well as websites, that share the meanings of animals, flowers, trees, crystals, etc. and how they can be of help to us.  According to some sites the tortoise is seen as a symbol for wisdom, security, endurance, peacefulness, longevity, and patience, and is able to defend itself on its own. It personifies water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility. Creation is associated with the tortoise and it is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the whole world.


Another site shared that Tortoise is ancient and wise, never needing to rush or worry. It knows that it always has everything it needs within its shell.  Now this is when I know that Tortoise is perhaps not one of my Totem animals as I am an outwardly seeking person, I battle to connect within, to look first rather to my innate wisdom, though I am learning to follow my intuition more and more.  I had fun reading the Totem meaning for Tortoises and Turtles on one site, where I related rather more with some of the turtle types than the Tortoise.


So how can I use this information to move forward? Tortoise has shown up in my awareness so far, so I can learn to consciously connect and work with the energy of Tortoise if I want to, asking for help that is within its capacity e.g. when needing wisdom, endurance, patience, etc.  I could also get a statue or picture and keep it on my desk to help bring more of that energy into my physical life especially when working on my business.  I can connect to Tortoise and ask for guidance in my meditation. As well as being open to other inspirations on how to work with Tortoise energy.  It can be a conscious process of working with what is showing up for me and to assist me in walking this chosen path, should I wish to use it.


Whilst here on Terra we have free will, choice to live as we want with only consequences to guide us in making those decisions.  Sometimes I may feel like I don’t have any choice but in reality my choices may be limited because of previous choices I made, often unconsciously, or the environment I find myself in, etc.  The Spirit world cannot interfere with that free will choice and needs for us to ask for help when we need it.  The Ego though doesn’t like to ask for help and sometimes my beliefs of not being worthy can create a few blocks for me too.  Learning to ask for help from whatever resonates with me, such as Tortoise, has been a journey that I still forget about sometimes.  Luckily my Guides do have my best interests at heart and can nudge me with reminders.


We can find meaning in anything, which can have both its advantages and disadvantages.  I try to be aware of reading too much into or being too literal with some of the Symbolism and Meaning associated with Animals and other Guides that I find.  I am learning to use my discretion and feel into what fits for me.  For now Tortoise still feels like a fit so I’ll hang onto it as a guide and ask for it’s help when I need it.


With love