Embracing Creativity


In the past I didn’t allow myself to think of myself as a creative person. That was reserved for my Dad and Katrina, both of whom are very talented artists. But recently I have come to understand that being creative is not just about art and the more I notice my own unique creativity and give it a voice, the more creative I become.


When allowing my mind to be still and quiet and my thoughts to just wander I have felt my creativity awaken in me like a snake that has been sleeping for too long. I feel it uncurl from its slumber and lift its head and shine. I feel it move and I choose to move myself in whatever way feels right in that moment – dancing, singing, toning, sound healing, doodling, knitting, sewing, gardening – whatever feels good is what comes out and I let it go feeling the ripple of excitement and anticipation. While mostly this is done when I am alone (!) – or with my dog Trapper who delights in anything that feels good and exciting and teaches me to live in the moment – I am becoming less self conscious and less concerned about what others think. So don’t be surprised if you come across me on a walk happily toning! 😉


And the more I move my body or allow myself to let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs, the more I allow my energy to flow freely within me and my creativity in all areas of my life to come out. The more I allow myself to just be and to sing, dance or do whatever feels right in the moment, opening myself to flow, the more inspiration I get and everything creative I tackle becomes so much easier. The more creative I get and the more I trust myself, the more satisfaction, confidence and contentment I feel in my life – all just creating more of everything positive for me. A win-win.


Will you join me and just let go today, just be, allow whatever comes to come and let your creativity shine?


With love always,