The Sunflower and the Butterfly


This image always makes me smile.  It uplifts and inspires me everytime I see it.


The sunflower for me is a magical flower, so full of life in so many ways, besides its multitude of seeds (sharing so much of itself).  It lifts its head each morning to follow the path of the sun (life energy) through the sky and then drops down to sleep during the night. It is a sign of hope, abundance and sheer joy for me.


The butterfly too has a special meaning for me.  I was taught in Feng Shui to use the butterfly sparingly and consciously as it has such a short lifespan but what a life it has.  The transition from a crawling caterpillar to a winged beauty and the journey it undergoes to get there is inspiring. The radiance with which it proudly shows its glorious colours and its gay abandon is something I would like to be able to emulate.  When a butterfly crosses my path I see it as confirmation that I am heading in the right direction.


What do you find inspiring?


Wishing you love, light and happiness