Moving house


Wow… although moving home is in the top 5 biggest stressors in life, little did I realise the impact of the energetic stress relating to it would have on me.


We had bought our first home in 1997 as a small two bedroomed house that fitted our needs and pocket allowance. Since then it grew to accommodate our growing family and needs. I found that with each extension or addition there was a piece of my energy infused in each brick and in each part of the garden too. Signing the offer to purchase on our home was really hard, we had not been looking to move until I was looking for a place to hold SoulPainting workshops and a friends parents home kept popping into my mind. The property was for sale and is a fixer upper with huge potential. So energetically I was holding onto my safe, secure, fully supportive home. This new property is exciting, vibrant and full of possibilities but requires the energetic and financial input our existing home already had.


Realizing that besides the emotions attached to the move, that parts of me were deeply buried and connected to the property too came as quite a surprise for someone who works with this kind of thing… So began the packing process as well as the disconnecting process, the withdrawal and reclaiming of all my energy from that space. Allowing myself time to grieve, to remember all the moments that wanted to be remembered, to sit with the emotions was very important too.


I found that physically cleaning the walls, floors, windows kept helping to release my energy from the space. Smudging also helped.  Then finally sitting down and visualizing myself detaching and withdrawing from the foundations, walls, roof and garden. Visualizing the whole property being vacuumed of any residue and then filled with divine love and light for the new owners. This whole process has made it easier to detach and move forward with ease.


A wonderful new friend, Angelic, passed on some wisdom of taking some soil from wherever felt right on the property, asking first if I could take it with me and then putting it in a bag to be integrated at my new home when the time was right. For me the property wanted me to take a stone not soil so I followed that intuitive thought. The stone is sitting inside the new house, the time will come when it will find it’s new place outside.