Rose Scent

Rose Oil

I used to think using rose scent was old-fashioned and “stuffy”. Beautiful flowers to look at (and receive 😃) and a nice scent, but not something I was going to infuse or put on my skin, thank you!


It wasn’t until I really started looking inwards and focusing on me and developing a love for myself, exactly as I am, that my opinions and beliefs about rose scent started changing. I found the more I loved myself, the more I wanted to use rose essential oil and this has now evolved further into looking into the many wonderful healing properties roses give us and how I can use rose petals and rosehips in my life.


Autumn/Fall is a wonderful time to pick the rosehips which can be dried for teas (remove the seeds though as they irritate the digestive tract) or crushed to make an oil infusion.

Summer is perfect for collecting rose petals and using them fresh in tea or drying them for pot pourri, oil infusions or tea. They also make awesome decorations for cakes and platters, dried or frosted.


In the last couple of years I have been picking wild rosehips and petals when out camping or walking, and using them to make a decadent body butter which my skin just loves & is so easy to make. You can find the recipes for both the body butter and making an infused oil here.


Rose essential oil aligns your frequency with love – what a beautiful gift to give yourself!


with love always,