Energy healing for animals

Animals are unique Souls who are here on their own journey and to support you on yours.  They are highly empathic, absorb our stress and are attuned to our moods. Sometimes the issues they have mirror what we are going through and they show us where our issues are, much like our bodies and environments give feedback to us.


Katrina’s personal journey with her animals has shown her this and she has used the modalities she works with, primarily Life Alignment and Theta Healing, to assist animals as well as humans and properties. She has also found that a multi-pronged approach using a mix of modalities is often what works best. Some other modalities that her family have found beneficial are Trust Technique which has worked really well for Jock (below right) and a combination of Trust Technique and T-Touch is making a difference in Carly’s (below left) life.



For Loretta, Reiki has shown itself to be an amazing peaceful and healing energy for her furry family. It has helped calm a very excitable Trapper, stopped Mimi peeing in the house while also offering some relief for separation anxiety, and eased joint aches for Leo. It also provided comfort to Leo (and his family) when it was time to say goodbye. Leo’s journey to the vet was the most calm journey we ever had with him in the car and his transition was so incredibly peaceful and accepting for everyone, despite the vet having difficulties with finding his veins. Animals are very sensitive and receptive to Reiki energy and will willingly guide the session letting Loretta know how much is required and where it is most needed.

Animal Reiki2

Every being (human and animal) possesses a subtle energy body system which is unique to that Soul. When the energy in this subtle body system is brought into balance, numerous healing benefits are realised and the results in our physical, mental and emotional states are easily noticeable. Animals are natural healers and providing them with a boost via energy healing helps speed up their self healing and clears potential problems before they manifest as physical symptoms. It assists with accumulated stress and environmental toxins they are exposed to (which may lead to health issues), strengthens their immune system and accelerates their innate healing for their greatest and highest good. Energy healing is non-invasive, drug free and complementary with, and an adjunct to, veterinary care.


When assessing a pet we tune into our intuition and use animal communication to connect with the animal and receive messages from them. This then guides us to understand which modality would be most beneficial for them and their unique needs and situation. The answer may lie in changes for us, the “parent”; messages/information they most want us to know; or the use of one or more treatments to help them deal with a problem area.


We would be grateful for the opportunity to assist you and your furry family in creating greater harmony in your lives. Please visit our Products and Services page for information and pricing on our animal related services. We also offer family discounts so please do ask.


Wishing you love, light and happiness,

Katrina & Loretta