Mantras, whether chanted, whispered or spoken silently, are a powerful meditation tool which help keep us and our bodies focused on the moment.


Science has shown that mantras have healing abilities through calming the nervous system. And irrespective of the specific words or phrases spoken, the effect is nearly always the same – relaxation and an ability to better cope with life’s stresses. It doesn’t matter if you know the meaning of the mantra (many are in Sanskrit), it is the sound that is important and every mantra activates a specific vibration in a different part of the body.


Mantras don’t only have to be used in meditation, they are so beneficial whenever you feel stressed, out of harmony with life, or just need to relax and find some calm.


Choosing a mantra is a personal thing. Listen to and explore a variety of mantras and when you feel drawn to one and find a sense of peace with it, listen to and/or chant it as often as you can. Take it and make it yours.


The Gayatri mantra sung by Deva Premal is one of my favourites, instantly creating a feeling of peace and harmony in my body. I have her mantras on my phone and love to listen to them on my morning walk or at anytime when my day feels like it’s gone sideways. 🙂


with love always,